Back in 2003 I had an idea of making a leather cover for my Bible.  Remembering my 8th grade leather making class I thought “I can do this”.
It didn’t turn out that great but someone liked it and I gave it away.

Then I made a few more that I gave as gifts to friends. I am totally embarrassed when I see those first ones now, but with each one I was learning.
Being self-taught, there was a lot of leather that ended up in the garbage but day by day I continued to try new things and eventually figured out a process to make some pretty cool stuff.

Eventually, I sold a few on Ebay and then my son Josh who was in high school at the time created a web site for me.

The orders began to come in.  I would do all the cutting and engraving and then I would toss them over to Josiah who would do all the hand sewing.  He was about 12 years old at the time.  Somehow we avoided child labor laws and Josiah is now co-owner of the company.
What began as a side hobby has now become our family owned business.

So take a look through our galleries…we would love to help you create something that is beautiful, unique and will last long enough to be passed down to the grand kids.


Dan Taylor

Josiah Taylor